Latest Developments

Aerial Crop Imaging


The sun transmits light as solar radiation, which consists of a range of visible and non visible light


Vegetation absorbs light as part of photosynthesis and reflects unused light.


The amount of reflected light from healthy and stressed vegetation can be captured via a specialised camera mounted to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)


The UAV flies up to 120m above the crop to take high resolution images.


The data in the UAVís camera is then downloaded and processed to generate a NDVI Image


The NDVI image graphically displays the status of the plant. We then use this information to identify variations in the crop. As more research is conducted, the NDVI image can be used to determine the following:

  • Crop Factors
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Irrigation Uniformity
  • Nutrition
  • Yield Mapping
  • Harvest Timing
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Pest Loading
  • Soil Compaction
  • Salinity

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