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We are developing an integrated farm management platform which combines software, hardware and science into a single cloud based software platform. This new platform has been designed from the ground up, by growers for growers. 
Farm Management Platform
Software is utilised to provide rich visual user experience, turning data into usable information. Providing visibility with a single login view and control your farming operation.
Science brings the knowledge to increase plant productivity whilst reducing risk. 
Hardware is used to create tools to provide increased efficiency, allowing you to spend more time where it’s needed. 
Platform Anchor




Team Anchor


Peter Bail
Founder & Business Development Manager

Peter is a consultant in the field of crop management technologies for agriculture and horticulture. His broad range of skill sets, including product development, product management, design of automation control, monitoring and fertigation solutions, to hands on skills such as installation, commissioning, system diagnostics, training and support gives Peter a very good grounding for developing farm management solutions now and into the future. 


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